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Independent Theatrical Centre established by ZYGMUNT DUCZYŃSKI, realizing various artistic, cultural, educative and scientific activities. It organizes annually about 80 cultural events directed to habitants of Szczecin and the region, as well as building international network of cooperation between European art centers. The most important projects of the Kana Theatrical Centre include: The International Street Artists Festival - Bonds of Culture (theatrical/musical festival of open character, organized in Szczecin since 1999, promoting various forms and currents of European and global art and traditions of various cultures, one of the most important cultural events of the region and Euroregion, prized with The Reviewer's Eye Award); The International Theatrical Meetings OKNO (festival presenting mist interesting results of quest undertaken in the realm of alternative theatre, being at the same time a forum of exchange of experience of practitioners of theatre); The Quest For Identity of the Place (individual project combining research, artistic, documentary and promotional activities related to history and the present day of Szczecin). The Kana Thatrical Centre is also one of the organizers of The All-Polish Review of the Small Theatre Forms KONTRAPUNKT in Szczecin, The Musica Genera Festival, The Japan Now Festival and other cultural events important to the city and the region. The Theatre was honored with the title "Ambassador of Szczecin" by the City Mayor for their cultural and promotional activities.

The Centre is also a base of various projects: cultural (among others, Theatres of the World, Around Tradition, Off-enes Berlin, The Parallel Stage), educational (Art as Drug, The University of Theatrical Quests) and artistic ("Where?!", "Chess", "Gallery") accomplished be artists associated with it.

Till the end of 2006 the Centre was run within the frames of The Kana Theatre Association, since 1 January 2007 it is an institution of culture organized by Szczecin City Municipality and the Self-government of the Western Pomeranian Voivodeship.

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