Zygmunt Duczyński

Projects - Courage of creation


The series of theatrical, artistic and musical workshops combined with elements of interpersonal training and art-therapy for youth of various local societies, realized in 2008. The aim of the project was to activation of youth in context of culture and art, work on individual and group development of participants, inspiring imagination and skills. The workshops provide alternative to too-often anti-social behavior of young people, possibility to direct and motivate them to further development in proposed domains of art. The subjects of the workshops included: Art of body with element of dance (Karolina Sabat); Working with voice - emission and non-verbal body speech - self-presentation (Piotr Starzyński); Expression of movement and creative thinking (Bibianna Chimiak); Working with text, training of actor's imagination according to Mikhail Chekhov, basic actors tasks (Hubert Romanowski); interpersonal training of creativity (Marta Giers); Stage design (Waldemar Nicek and Robert Plusser).

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