Zygmunt Duczyński

Projects - Quest for identity of the place


A project combining research, documentary, and artistic activities inspired by history, present day, and architecture of Szczecin, as well as multicultural character of Polish-German borderland. read more >>>
The hitherto realized projects:


July 2005 - concert of Szczecin composer Loewe in the parking lot in Małopolska St. - in the site of location of the prewar Kontzerhaus - one of the most prestigious place in old Szczecin.

2. "Fringes of borderland"

July 2006 - concert of the Klezmer Band of the Sejny Theatre in the yard of former I.L. Perec Jewish Elementary School.

3. "Łasztownia/Lastadie"

October 2006 - a site-specific project prepared by the group of about 50 artists from Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Korea and Japan in the area of old municipal slaughterhouse in the Łasztownia Island (today the Fishing Harbor GRYF). Within the prohect two open air performances were presented: read more >>>

4. "Orion - Music of the City"

July 2008 - musical/performative project accomplished in cooperation with Wilde Rose e.V. from Hamburg. Composition on first presentation of the contemporary music piece made by Willem Schulz inspired by architecture of the city and family story of the composer (being a son of an old dweller of Szczecin). read more >>>

5. "Łasztownia 2008. Four pictures in space"

September/October 2008 - the "site-specific" project inspired by architecture and history of four buildings in old slaughterhouse in the Łasztownia Island (today the Fishing Harbor GRYF area). The authors of the concept: Imre Thormann and Janusz Turkowski. read more >>>

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