Zygmunt Duczyński

Voluntary work


We would like to invite volunteers to active participation in creating our events together. Each year a group of volunteers helps us in organizing the Bonds of Culture - International Street Artists Festival and the OKNO - International Theatrical Meetings, as well as assistance in preparation of performances, concerts, exhibitions, projects and other activities providing opportunities to encounter interesting artists from all over the world, to participate in workshops and meetings, to learn how theatre is created, and what methods it uses. We would like direct our offer to those who want to share with us the adventure of encountering and acquainting people who seek values through various forms of art.

Examples of a volunteer's tasks:

  • taking care of Polish and foreign artists (for example, helping in translation, piloting groups);
  • helping with promotion of events (distribution of leaflets, participation in promotional actions);
  • assistance in technical organization of events (for example, assembling constrictive elements of performances, concerts, etc.);
  • participation in artistic activities (as extras; participation in workshops organized by invited artists and in other projects directed to small groups accomplished in the Kana Theatrical Centre);
  • editing works and journalism for festival publications;
  • helping in general office works and organization (for example, checking tickets, preparation of festival information);
  • helping in general cleaning and technical works (for example, disassembling the stage after performances, food preparation etc.).

Time of work:

Depending on a volunteer's possibilities. The work can be individually organized, and be related to a particular event, or particular time of a given day, as well as annual activities of the Centre.

People interested in collaboration please feel free to contact the office.

You can send us email to:
or call us: {0048} 091 4330388, {0048} 607088884.

To know details, please contact Agata Ptasznik.

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