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The Kana Theatre Association, the University of Szczecin was founded in 1991 by people associated with the Kana Theatre: artists, animators of culture and friends of ZYGMUNT DUCZYŃSKI. Since 1979 the Teatr Kana was active as an informal group, collaborating with various student clubs in Szczecin, and since 1990 it began cooperation with the University of Szczecin, allowing the theatre to use academic buildings and provided financial support of the theatre's activities. Thanks to establishment of the Association, Kana Theatre become a legal entity, a partner for the City and various institutions and foundations it could apply for financial support from. As the association in developed its artistic activity preparing new performances (Moscow-Petushki, Night), presented in festivals and art centres in Poland and abroad (among others Edinburgh, London, Los Angeles) as well as cultural activities, initiated by the project "Mysteries Center", and some next projects: "Outsiders. Evoking the Presence" (a series of broad presentations of eminent alternative stages, among others Teatr Ósmego Dnia, Provisorium, Grupa Chwilowa, Cricot2, Akademia Ruchu); "Francois Villon's Children" (presentations of artists using poetical word in non-traditional way: Marek Gałązka, Andrzej Garczarek, Marcin Świetlicki), "Transformatorownia" - a series of workshops for youth in danger of drug addiction, accomplished in collaboration with the Arka Foundation and the Monar Centre in Babigoszcz.

In 1994 the Association was given a place in the św.św. Piotra i Pawła Square in Szczecin. It was a consummation of several years of artistic work but also provided a base for new activities and development of cooperation with the Self-government of the city and voivodship. At that time Zygmunt Duczyński directed new performances ("Cutters of Night Diamonds", "J.P. Discovers America", Bird of Paradise", "Phaedra's Love", "Circle of Spectres"), and the association organizes in the given place the independent Theatrical Centre, accomplishing program activity within the projects: Theatres of the World (since 1996, including The International Festival of Visual Art and Performance ZivilisationAntiZivilisation 1998 and the International Festival of Butoh Dance Theatre "!" - both in collaboration with the Schloss Broellin e.V., The Magic Russia festival 2000 and 2001), The Meetings of Young Theatre OKNO (realized since 1997; after 2001 as The All-Polish Meetings of Young Theatre, since 2004 as the International Meetings of Young Theatre, and since 2007 as OKNO. International Theatrical Meetings), The International Street Artists Festival (realized since 1999, and since 2006 as the Bonds of Culture International Street Artists Festival), Jazz in Kana (1999-2002), Drugged with Art (since 2003), as well as, among others Moving Picture, Fixed Picture, Life in Alternative, Workshops of alternative theatre. In 2000, after three-year renovation, the Kana's Cellar is opened and becomes a theatre's Gallery and a place of everyday meetings of Szczecin's artists. In 2001 the contract is signed with the City of Szczecin guaranteeing annual financial support of the Association's activities. In 2005 the Associations receives a status of organization of public benefit. In 2006 the Association initiates signing the contract between the City of Szczeicn Municipality and the Self-government of Western Pomeranian Voivodship establishing a new cultural institution in Szczecin, named Kana Theatrical Centre, which since 01.01.2007 begins its activity. The Association transfers accomplishment of some of its projects to the newly established cultural institution and continues its activities as a non-governmental organization and organization of public benefit, supporting activities of the Kana Theatrical Centre.

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