Zygmunt Duczyński

Projects - Theatres of the world


The guidelines of the THEATRES OF THE WORLD project, started in 1996, include presentation of important phenomena of contemporary theatre art in broader context of artistic experiments inspired by various cultures. Particular realizations usually cover wide-range meeting concerning a given topic, participated by artists, critics, anthropologists - followed by presentations of theatre and dance performances, film projections, practical workshops, exhibitions, lectures and discussions with the audience. We organized several times meetings concerning, among others, culture of Japan, India, Africa, and Russia. Several projects transformed into bigger presentations taking form of a festival.

The Theatres of the World Project is both educational and artistic. Its basic aim is to juxtapose tradition and contemporary achievements, observation of artistic experiment carried today and an attempts to find roots of this art, contexts it refers to or it opposes against.

Another important aspect is common building of a specific "intellectual background" for the broadest possible recognition of a phenomenon. The organizers of the project, inviting both artists and cultural researches - experts on various domains and directly involved in a particular topic, each time try to discuss and inquire on typical features and factors shaping a given artistic phenomenon, as well as its universal meaning and its impact on other domains of art and other cultural spheres.

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