Zygmunt Duczyński

Theatre Kana [Szczecin]
27th - 29th of May, 2010


In 2005 I became fascinated by a phenomenon of mass publishing of "intimate" statements and diaries in the Internet. Sudden appearance of great amount of blogs resembled past popularity of silva rerum - Latin for "forest of things" - a literary genre popular in Poland in the sixteenth century. Silvae were commonly kept by weathly noblemen who created collections of texts on variety of subjects, written "live". They documented unique everyday life of their authors.

In July 2008 I accidentally became an owner of several amateur films of a German woman living close to the Polish border. Immediately, I got captivated by the matter of these celluloid reels. In May 2010 I started to present it to the audience. The films will be displayed from multimedia and 8mm projectors. I will also tell the story of finding these film reels.

Video: Margarete Ruhbe, Martyna Głowacka, Adam Ptaszyński, Marcin Piątkowski, Janek Turkowski

Stage desing: Wieslawa Turkowska, Martyna Głowacka, Janek Turkowski

Music: Roger Anklam, Przemek Radar Olszewski

Translation: Jeannette Boettcher, Marcin Piątkowski, Andrzej Wojtasik

Idea and realization: Janek Turkowski

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