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Opening night: Szczecin, 26-27 January 2007

"Geist" is the last to performance the late Zygmunt Duczyński (the founder an director of Kana Theatre who died on 15 March 2006) worked on, completed by the Kana Theatre actors in collaboration with Arkadiusz Buszko.

The performance is based the motifs of the play "Adam Geist" by Dea Loher - one of most important contemporary German playwrights. The protagonist - "infected" by an unwanted sin - wanders seeking his identity, unconsciously committing more crimes. The performance asks question on unpredictability of human fate, about humanity in constant danger of "falling". Yet the performance is not exclusively "dark" - sudden changes of action introduce paradoxical comic relief and the mood of bitter sense of humor.

Work on "Geist", as it turned out, was our last encounter with Zygmunt. With issues, questions and images so important to him. With people who he discovered through the performance and helped them to get to the real emotions. What was built on stage resulted not only from actors activities but also, or maybe in the first place, from mindful discussion and sometimes mutual silence. Form frank confession of one's inability. From seeking something that touches the present time. It took us a lot of time to think if we should try to continue and complete the performance without Zygmunt. Our hesitation was enormous .We started listening to the performance. We tried to preserve the things Zygmunt wanted to touch, yet at the same time we knew that we should not copy his language. We had to find our own answers to the questions he asked. And we had to ask our own questions...

Each presentation of the performance is the encounter. Important. Not easy. But undertaken.


Performance based on the play "Adam Geist" By Dea Loher translated by Karolina Bikont

Adaptation and direction: Zygmunt Duczyński

Finished in collaboration with Arkadiusz Buszko.

Music: Sławomir Skruszewicz (crickets motif - Roland Alphonso)

Compositions of songs: Krzysztof Seroczyński

Lights: Tomasz Grygier

Thanks for help and visual concept to Anna Anosowicz

The Cast:

Adam Geist - Waldemar Nicek
Animula - Bibianna Chimiak
Girl - Marta Giers
Erych, Fireman, Family - Hubert Romanowski
Indian, Bruno - Dariusz Mikuła
Recruit, Fireman, Family - Piotr Starzyński
Fireman, Family - Karolina Sabat

Production: Teatr Kana

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