Zygmunt Duczyński




Premiere: Szczecin [Poland], 6th-7th December, 2013

Co-production: Kana Theatre (Polska) & Krepsko Theatre (Czech Republic)

Funding: Visegrad Fund

Idea of the Project

The idea is a performance which will be a series of acts set in the similar rooms of a fictional hotel. Each act is presented as a complete story, followed by another. In this way we are experimenting on stage with the literary form of a short-story compilation. However, each story also has elements in common with the others, therefore by deduction they create another, fuller picture.

The acts are individual stories created by the actors of the performance, through brainstorming, improvisation, and collaborative acting workshops. Through this process come very personal narratives, exploring aspects of each performer's culture and human experience. At the same time they are metaphorical and absurd enough to allow for interpretation of the details and invite the audience into the performer's imagination, and into their own.

This is accomplished by telling the stories in a language of theatre which is not limited by verbal languages and their translations, but works without relying on words. Thus it is possible to reach straight through to the core of the human experience, to the truth told in the eyes and body language, to our own personal histories as only our bodies can explain. These truths are understandable to all because they are clearly communicated, yet open to interpretation, allowing the audience to more easily identify to the story and relate it to their own lives. Thus we aim to stimulate active imaginary interaction between the actors, the stories, and the audience.

The creative team is a multi-national group of theatre artists from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland and USA, and a collaboration between two theatre groups: Teatr Kana, from Szczecin, Poland, and Krepsko Theatre Group, founded in Prague, Czech Republic.


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